How to Add Background in CapCut App

In this article, we are going to tell you about a unique function of cupcut with the help of this you can remove the background from your photos and video Also we will share with you how to remove background music from any video.

Methods to Remove Background in Capcut App 

It has two types of background remover, video background remover and picture background remover With the help of removing background, you can remove the background of any of your photos or videos Below we are telling you how to use it

  • First of all, open capcut.
  • Then click on a new project.
  • Select your videos or photos and import them into capcut.
  • Then Click on the video timeline and scroll the menu below.
  • Click on the cutout option then three options will appear.
  • Then click click on remove background then two options will appear click on whatever you want according to your requirements.
  • After some processing, your background will be removed.
  • Then export your video and enjoy.

Methods to Remove Background Music in Capcut 

With the help of Background Remover Music, you can remove the background sound of any of your videos and add your favorite songs. also, you can remove the background music of any video and put your favorite song so that you can add the song you like to your video.

  • Open capcut.
  • Click on a new project.
  • After importing your video into capcut click on video timeline.
  • Scroll down the menu below and click on the volume option.
  • After that decrease the volume to zero, and your background music will be removed.
  • Export your video and then enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Is i add, or remove the background in any video in capcut app?

Yes, you can add, or remove any background in capcut app.

Can i add multiple backgrounds or layers in capcut?

Yes, you can add multiple backgrounds or layers 

Can we completely remove background music from any video? 

There is no tool like this, but you can mute the music of your video or add a new song to it.


In this article, we share with you the different background removers of capcut apps, like background removers of images, videos, and music. I also use it myself For removing the background of any video or image. the easy way to remove the background of your videos and images. 

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