CapCut vs Adobe premiere which one is better

Adobe Premiere is an editing software system that allows you to do professional editing of movies, TV shows, etc. it is a subscription-based software system that you pay monthly or yearly to use It provides good editing tools for your help If you want to use this software your computer must have a good specification. Capcut is also a famous video editor app, because of TikTok Capcut allows you to easily trim and split your video clips & considered the best app for video editing.

CapCut Features and Performance

Capcut interface is very user-friendly so that everyone can use it easily. It provides many video editing tools such as cutting, merging, adjusting video clips, etc Which you can use to speed up and reverse your video. 

  • This app provides many filters that greatly enhance your video editing. 
  • They provide you the facility to add music in the background of your video and your voiceover. 
  • It also supports the multi-layer which you can add videos and audio tracks to your videos. 
  • You can export your video in less time and good quality. 
  • It takes time according to the length of your video, if your video is long then it takes extra time, if your video is short it takes less time. It depends on your video length

Adobe Premiere Features and Performance

Adobe Premiere Pro is an excellent timeline-based editing App where you can edit your videos and audio with precision. 

  • You will also get effects and filters to make videos in very good quality. 
  • In this, you will get a multiple-camera editing system in which you can edit videos from multiple cameras which you can use in interviews and events, etc. 
  • You can also make 360 videos which give a very good and engaging experience.
  • you can customize the interface according to your needs like you want to keep tools. 
  • It provides regular updates that keep it better and more innovative. 
  • The app is a subscription-based model. 
  • Available for both Mac and Android laptops.
  • Having a lot of keyboard shortcuts to enhance the functionality, allows users to work easily. 

Cons of CapCut

Every app has its pros and cons, Here are some cons of capcut app given below.

  • If you use the free version of this you will see the watermarks in your videos.
  • If you use the free version, you will find very few features within it to edit your videos.
  • Like other applications, in its free version, there are many problems in the capcut app like glitches, freezen, apps not working, etc.
  • This is not working on laptops or computers.
  • Capcut does not perform well on the older devices.

Cons of Adobe Premiere

Similar to CapCut, there are many advantages but also disadvantages  Some of them are given below.

  • Adobe Premiere is a subscription-based model that requires you to pay monthly or yearly.
  • complex and professional App which is very difficult to use.
  • A lot of RAM Usage Your Device must have a good specification for using it.
  • Adobe Premiere customer support has many bugs and issues.

User Feedback & Reviews of Both Apps

  • Adobe Premiere is the best software in which you can edit your videos professionally.
  • Capcut app is free and does good editing, but Adobe Premiere is a subscription-based system.
  • For Adobe Premiere your computer RAM and computer specification should be high while you can use capcut app on mobile very easily.  
  • A capcut has fewer drawbacks than Adobe Premiere therefore many people preferred capcut.
  • Capcut provides regular updates in the app, due to which it has improved day by day.


Adobe Premiere is a very high-class editing software. With the help of it, you can edit videos, films, interviews, tv programs, etc. For professional editing, Adobe Premiere is the best software for you, but if you want to do normal editing then capcut app is best. capcut has gained a lot of popularity in a very short time due to its unique features including video editing, filters, effects, transitions, etc. 

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