How to Add Reveal Text As Walk in CapCut

Capcut is a video editing app with the help that you can edit your videos very smoothly & easily like other trending templates one of the best is revealing text as walk which is a unique effect with the help of it you can edit your video very easily, gives an amazing look In this effect your video is accompanied by text, while you walking forward the text showing in front of you which make a very amazing feel.

Creating Reveal Text as You walk in CapCut App

Creating reveals text as you walk a unique effect in which you walk on the road the text are showing front of you looks an amazing feel. If you are the one who wants to make the video in it then follow these steps.

  • First, open the capcut app.
  • Click on the new project.
  • select the black background and set the duration to 9 seconds.
  • tap on the text button and type what you want.
  • Then set the same duration of time with the black background picture.
  • After that export your video and save it.
  • click on the new project.
  • And import your video which you use to edit video.
  • Then click on the overlay and select your previous video which you exported and then tap on blund and click on lighting.
  • Then tap on the keyframe button and move the position with the person.
  • Remove the background of the first layer video. And add effect.
  • Then export the video and enjoy.

Common issues and solutions when working with Revealed text    

  • When the text reveals animation appears is not smooth, then check that the text is moving and the video is at the same duration if not then adjunct it then it will be correct. 
  • The other issue is that the speed of the text does not match the video hence check whether the speed of the text reveal and the video are the same or not if they are not the same then adject it. It does not show when it should. Adjust the position of keyframes and match it from the text and video. 
  • Taxt suddenly jumps during the reveal animation, hence make sure that the position of the keyframe is the same position as the reveal of the animation or not.


in this article Add Reveal Text As Walk we explain to you the text reveal walk-in capcut so that you can make any video as your text reveal video, which will make your video very good if you walk the text will show in front of your video. It’s trending in TikTok and Instagram nowadays, I myself make such types of videos and post them on the social media platform therefore I also suggest you make videos on this effect.

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